Living Wills

Living Wills

The Role of Living Wills in Estate Planning

If you are reading this webpage at this moment, it means that you are interested in having a choice. It is a choice that can save much pain and anguish for your family members and loved ones. That choice is contained in a legal document the State of Texas recognizes as a Living Will.

What is a Living Will in Texas Law?

A living will in the state of Texas is a legal document signed by you that relieves your family members and loved ones of needing to make a choice with regard to life-sustaining treatment. The fact that you made the choice while you could, after much time and thought, may be relieving to your loved ones because they will not have that choice looming over them before and after your passing. With a living will, you have the choice of maintaining life supporting treatment or discontinuing life support.

You will notice if you are admitted to the hospital for even a minor reason, such as an ER visit or for a routine procedure, you will often be asked if you have a living will or other advance directives. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that more than two-thirds of the population of the U.S. do not have a living will.