The Hazards of DIY Estate Planning

More Harm Than Good with Will and Trust Forms

Do-It-Yourself projects are always tempting. You earn a sense of accomplishment when you repaint your house, build a new shed or remodel your kitchen. There are always assumed risks and hazards when you step out of your comfort zone and do it yourself. While some risks may not be costly, they can be devastating. Estate Planning errors are often devastating in nature and impact your family. With the advent of cookie-cutter forms found in office supply stores or online services, the risks are greater than ever.

There is a reason why the practice of law is a profession. Attorneys are required to attend law school for proper training, pass grueling licensing exams and pursue continuing education to stay up to date in their areas of practice. Estate Planning attorneys are no different. Estate and probate laws change both federally and in the state of Texas. A licensed Texas estate planning attorney is expected to be a trained professional with a thorough understanding of many nuances utilized in the drafting of wills and trusts.

The DIY estate planning forms found all over the internet are often fill-in-the-blank documents. While you wouldn’t expect to perform your own surgery without complication, neither should you expect yourself to formulate your own comprehensive estate plan without error. While small errors in a recipe or quilt are no big deal, errors in a will or trust can be harmful.

When researching proper estate planning options at your disposal, be sure to look for licensed attorneys who can provide you with personalized legal advice and estate plans that fit your needs and goals. While you should do your own research as to a Texas Estate Planning Lawyer, you should not draft your estate plan- leave that to the professionals.